A Design and Build Journal of How I Built my Tiny Teardrop Trailer

  2004, 2005, 2006, 2007  by Man of the Cloth Productions

Galley Details

Once the hatch was installed, I started to work on the galley itself.

I found some old drawers that I cut down to fit the space in the back of the Zephyr.  For my level of skill and considering the time I had, it was quicker to modify some drawers than to make new ones.  This photo shows one of the drawers in pieces after I took it apart and cut it to size.

I built a very simple three-drawer unit.   I made the top drawer  deep enough to store my dish pan. I plan to store dishes, tableware, etc. in the bottom two drawers.  The space underneath the counter top will be for bulk storage and the batteries.  I salvaged some brass drawer pulls.  After a new shine they added a warm touch of class.


The photo below shows the galley drawer unit in place.  I added another section of countertop on the left side of the drawers. The ice chest will fit under this. I made this section to lift up for access to the chest.  Just for the fun of it I stained the inside of the hatch two tones. This is similar to the two-tone interior.

When  camping, I store food and supplies in plastic bins in the recessed part of the galley. The counter top provides a large work space.  

Everyone's idea of camping is different.  I enjoy the basics when camping and a few comforts, like a sink.  My sink doesn't have plumbing. It is a simple plastic wash basin and it works just fine.. 

The next drawer holds my paper cups, plastic ware and sharp knives.

Does this drawer look junky?  That's because it is the junk drawer. Ya just gotta have one for simple tools, parts and spare light bulbs.!

After I used the  Zephyr a few times, I decided to add a few things.  The first addition was a drawer under the stove.   I built  this drawer with a cutting board  top that sits in a rabbet I cut into the side of the drawer.  This increased the food prep area when cooking.

Beneath the cutting board is the storage for plates and large utensils. 

After a while I  added  a custom paper towel holder.  The side brackets are made out of small pieces of luan.  I glued and nailed them to the hatch ribs.  The slightest breeze would unwind the paper towels.  To fix this, I added another bracket.  This photo also shows that I added a small shelf to the galley.

The two bracket arms hold two 3/16 " thin oak strips I cut using the table saw.  In this close-up you can see how the strip are offset and how the  top one overlaps the bottom one. Between the oak strips is a small space. The paper towel passes through this space.  The bottom strip allows for tearing off a towel with one hand.   

I designed  my Teardrop so the galley can be removed.  This photo shows the back after I removed the three-drawer storage unit, countertops and ice chest. When I am not using the trailer for camping, the bottom half of the bulkhead/cabin wall can be removed by opening the salvaged window locks. In this alternate setup I can haul full sheets of plywood, lumber, and bulky items under cover inside the Zephyr

This is what is looks like when I camp ...

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