A Design and Build Journal of How I Built my Tiny Teardrop Trailer

  2004, 2005, 2006, 2007  by Man of the Cloth Productions

Trimming the Two Sides

After both frames were built, and the exterior plywood skin attached, I let the assemblies dry for a day.  Then I stood the frames side by side with the exterior plywood facing to the outside.  I used a level to be sure the sides were standing plumb.  Then I clamped the sides together, making sure they were positioned for the best match.

Although it is not pictured, I braced the two walls with a scrap of wood to the side of my shed.  This stabilized the assembly so I could work on it.

Once it was set up like this, the work of trimming the exterior plywood went very quickly.  I used a router with trim bit that had a bearing on the end.  This allowed the router to follow the outline of the framing member and trim the exterior plywood to the exact shape of the frame.  I moved clamps as I went along.  Finally, I used the belt sander was used for touching up the work so both side profiles matched.

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