A Design and Build Journal of How I Built my Tiny Teardrop Trailer

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CAD Programs:

Download Turbo CAD Learning Edition 2D for free at   http://www.al-ki.com/tcad/download.php#TurboCADLE

Download CADStandardLite for free at http://www.apperson.org/cadstd/lite.php

Download AllyCAD v3.4 for free at http://www.allycad.com/  



Batteries  - Frequently Asked Questions http://www.uuhome.de/william.darden/carfaq7.htm

Batteries – Phred’s Poop Sheet  http://www.phrannie.org/battery.html

Batteries – Tech Tips  http://www.blueskyenergyinc.com/techtips.htm 

State Towing Laws  http://www.rvsafety.com/state.htm 

US Department of Transportation    http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/problems/Equipment/towing/index.htm



All Electronics   http://www.allelectronics.com

Jameco Electronics      http://www.jameco.com/

Super Bright LED http://www.superbrightleds.com/ 



Austin Hardware - Door Hardware http://www.austinhardware.com/

DeWalts RV - RV Incidentals http://www.rvlifestyles.net/Order.aspx?Magic=AKBVX0206051811673

Harbor Freight Sales- Source for Basic Trailer     http://www.harborsales.net/index.cfm?categoryID=3

Hatch Gas Lift Hardware  http://www.spdhardware.com/index.htm

J C Whitney   http://www.jcwhitney.com/

Red Trailer – Another Great Trailer Source, especially 5'x8'  http://www.redtrailers.com  (A Sponsor)

SPD Hardware - Door Hardware  http://www.spdhardware.com/ml16.htm

T J Trailer Parts  http://www.tjtrailers.com/store/

West Marine  http://www.westmarine.com/

Windows and Hinges – Great Teardrop Source  http://www.teardrops.net/LilBear/parts.html


High  Tech Wood Preservation Products:

Rot Doctor  http://www.rotdoctor.com/products/product.html


Liquid Roof Products:

Ames Research Labs - Elastometric Roofing http://www.amesresearch.com/roof%20coatings.htm#mx

Kool Seal – Roof Products   http://www.koolseal.com/

Snow Roofing Systems  - Elastometric Coating http://www.snowroof.com/ 


Things 12 Volt:

12 Volt Side of Life and Battery Information – Great Information http://www.ccis.com/home/mnemeth/12volt/12volt.htm

Optima Deep Cycle Batteries – Cutting Edge Battery Design     http://www.1st-optima-batteries.com/

Batteries – Poop Sheet by Phred  Tinseth  http://www.phrannie.org/battery.html



Woodworking Plans  http://absolutelyfreeplans.com/WORKSHOP%20PROJECTS/workshop_projects.htm 

Teardrop Plans, Parts and Ideas

Kuffle Creek:

If you want to buy any other plan, I recommend that you consider the Classic Camping Trailer Series by Kuffel Creek Press.  The Cubby Teardrop Plans, written by Kevin Hauser, are among the best.   This plan is a true step-by-step guide for building a Teardrop on a 4 x 8’ Harbor Freight Trailer. No welding is needed. Many people have successfully built a Cubby Teardrop from these plans. Each step is covered. It is a complete build guide including a water system, ice box, detail shop drawings with measurements, and more.  There are over 100 pages and lots of pictures.  The plan comes on CD or in a notebook.   I purchased the CD.  Contact Kevin at www.kufflecreek.com



Teardrop Parts – Vintage Parts and Reproductions  http://teardropparts.com/parts.htm

Li’l Bear Teardrop Parts – A Nice Supplier http://www.teardrops.net/lilbear/parts.html

Desert Teardrop  Plans  http://www.desertteardrops.com/

Teardrop Plans   http://www.teardrops.net/plans01.html

CAD Designs of Teardrops and Other Tiny Trailers – a hobby of Andrew, from England


Tiny Teardrops - Lots of links and examples here.  http://www.tinytears.cc/links.html

Outback Tear Drop - Construction Pages  http://www.outbackteardrop.com/

Retro Teardrops  - Other examples  http://www.retroteardrop.com/builders_links.php

*Tiny Travel Trailers  - My Favorite Teardrop Forum http://www.mikenchell.com/

Yahoo Teardrop Group – Sign In  http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/teardropcampers/links

Teardrop Trailer Web Ring  http://q.webring.com/hub?ring=teardropper

Free Scans of Vintage Plans: 

There is an eBay seller with multiple auctions and web sites containing headings such as:

        "75 Hotrod Teardrop & Vintage Travel Trailer Plans"
        "75 Camper Teardrop Vintage Travel Trailer DIY"
        "Teardrop & Vintage Camper Trailer Plans CD Hotrod $$$"
        "Hotrod Teardrop & Vintage Camper Trailer Plans CD"

These CD's contain pictures and text taken from other web sites, which the seller of the CD is using to put money in the bank.  Please don't fall for this questionable effort to part you from your money. If you buy these CDs you will find images of old magazine articles have been scanned and converted to Adobe Acrobat Reader © format.  This has decreased the quality of some of the  images.  You will also find that this vintage information that does not meet today’s standards for highway safety when building trailers.

Did you know that almost all of these historic articles and images can be viewed for free for private use.  If you want to study the history of Teardrops, or research how early Teardrops were built, visit the free web sites firsthand. Put your money into your Teardrop. 






Teardrop Manufacturers and Builders

Aero Tear Company http://www.aerotear.com/

Camp Inn  http://www.tinycamper.com/

Cozy Cruser  http://www.cozycruiser.com/

Dakan Mountain http://www.dmtears.com/

Happy Trails http://www.happitrails.com/

Hunter Shadow http://www.mrglobal.com/teardrop.html 

Lil Guy  http://www.teardroptrailersexpress.com/

PT Snoozer http://www.ptsnoozer.com/

Steve Frederick  Custom Builder http://www.steve-frederick.com/intro

L. Daddona  a "Bare-Bones" Builder  http://www.geocities.com/len19070/Bare_Bones_Trailers.html

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