A Design and Build Journal of How I Built my Tiny Teardrop Trailer

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Tools & Materials

I started building my Zephyr in December and finished construction in July. I worked on this enjoyable project several evenings most weeks and often on my day off.  I even took a few vacation days and spent several days-in-a-row working on  the project.  I didn't  keep track of my hours because the joy of the project was in thinking about it, designing and building it. 

I was able to build the Zephyr inside a shed which I used just for this purpose.  I was grateful for this even though it was cold in the winter and hot in the summer.   I was able to leave the project and my tools in a secure place without having to put it all away each time I stopped working on it.  This was the real benefit of building my Teardrop indoors.

This is the epoxy product that I used as the final coat on the exterior.  It was Epoxy Shield, made by Rustoleum.  I  was able to purchase this at my local True Value store.

Shop Tools      (* Loaned to me.)
Angle “Square”*
Adjustable “T” Square
Bubble Level
“C” clamps*
Carpenter’s Quick Square
Deep Socket Set*
Ear Protectors
Framing Square*
Hand Saw
Pocket Knife
Pocket Jig
Safety Glasses
Screw Drivers
Socket Set
Soldering Iron
Spring Clamps
Tape Measure
Terminal Crimp Tool
Titanium Drill Bits *
Wire Cutter
Wire Stripper
Wood Clamps*
Work bench or saw horse* (2)
Power Tools
Air Compressor*
Air-powered Nail Gun*
Cordless Drills*
Hand Held Grinder*
Belt Sander *
Miter Saw*
Saber Saw*
Skill Saw
Table Saw*
Initial Stock Materials
Hardboard  4 x 8’ x ¼”
Oak Veneer 4 x 8’ x ¼”
Luan 4 x 8’ x ¼”
Plywood 4 x 8’ x 3/8”
Plywood 4 x 8’x ¼”
Plywood 4 x 8’ x ½”
Plywood 4 x 8’ x ¾”
Spruce 2 x 4” x 12’
Pine 1 x 4” x 6’
Pine 1 x 3” x 6’
Oak  4 x 6" x 6'
Carriage Bolts 6” x 3/8”
Carriage Bolts  2 ½” x ¼”
Stainless Steel Lag Screws 4 x 3/8”
1½” Coarse Decking Screws
2½” Coarse Decking Screws
Brads for Nail Gun
Stainless steel flat hinge
Cab latches and handles w/ locks
Finish Materials
MinWax Red Oak Stain
Zinsser Bull’s Eye Amber Shellac
Household Paint (sitting around)
Spray Undercoating
Subfloor Construction Adhesive
Titebond III Waterproof Glue
Epoxy Shield
1 gal  Snow Roof Premium Coating
1 gal  Snow Roof Elasto-seal
12 v DC Fuse Box
AC Circuit Breaker
“Square D” Breaker Box
GFI  Outlet
12 Gauge Automotive Wire
10 Gauge Automotive Wire
12 v DC Cabin Lights
AC –DC Power Converter

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