Teardrop Zephyr

A Design and Build Journal of How I Built my Tiny Teardrop Trailer

Pictorial Summary

How I Built my Tiny Teardrop Trailer The Zephyr

  2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 by Man of the Cloth Productions      

Teardrop Drawing

Teardrop Dimensions

Side Elevation

Template for Sides

Teardrop Frame

Teardrp Insulation

Finished Framing

Wall Insulation



Teardrop Exterior Construction

Teardrop Deck

Exterior Skin

Deck and Storage Well



Wall Attached

Roof Spars



Teardrop Ceiling

Ceiling Skin




Teardrop Roof Insulation

Roof Insulation

Exterior Roof



Teardrop Framing

Bulkhead Framing

Hatch Framing



Teardrp Hatch

Hatch Construction

Hatch Attached



Teardrp Construction

Teardrop Galley

Side Profile

Galley Installed



Teardrop Zephyr  Side View

Teardrop Door

Finished Exterior

Door and Window



Teardrop Bunk

Cabin Shelves and Foot of Bunk

Head of Bunk

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